The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIII-B4-2020
24 Aug 2020
 | 24 Aug 2020


D. Carrion, E. Pessina, C. A. Biraghi, and G. Bratic

Keywords: Citizen Science, Water quality, Mobile application, SIMILE, Free and Open Source

Abstract. This paper aims at presenting the application for lake water quality monitoring which has been developed in the framework of SIMILE (Informative System for the Integrated Monitoring of Insubric Lakes and their Ecosystems) Interreg Italy-Switzerland project. The objective of SIMILE project is to facilitate the monitoring of the Maggiore, Como, and Lugano lakes through the integration of different techniques: in situ monitoring with buoys, remote sensing and citizen science. A mobile application has been designed in agreement with the project partners, who are also actors working for lake quality monitoring, such as CNR (Italian National Research Council) and ARPA (Agency for prevention and environmental protection). The developed application allows to collect data over the area of interest, such as pictures and parameters which can be acquired by visual inspection as well as with appropriate tools, depending on the user typology. The application has then been implemented with open source software to foster its use also for other projects with similar goals. In the paper, the design choices, the architecture and the implementation details are described.