The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIII-B4-2020
24 Aug 2020
 | 24 Aug 2020


M.-O. Löwner, N. C. Bandelow, M. Gerke, F. Hillen, L. Klein, A. Schmidt, and T. Siefer

Keywords: citizen participation, UAV, railway infrastructure, client-server architecture, knowledge representation

Abstract. Planning and realization of large infrastructure takes a lot of time due to public discussion and may be reduced by active citizen participation in an early stage of project. Insufficient or late citizen participation in large-sized projects is being held liable to effect escalation, which, again may lead to enormous delays and costs. In this contribution we propose and sketching out an internet-based planning tool, which enables the planning of large infrastructure by concerned citizens and. Therefore, it serves to objectify the debate. Within an interdisciplinary group legal issues and planning expertise will be formulized and implemented as a tool suite on a server using open source technologies. A geodatabase holds project related open and official geodata. For planning reasons, recent technology of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data acquisition and feature extraction methods will be used to complement planning data. Geodata and tools will be accessed by an easy-to-use client-based mapping tool that also manages the evaluation of the users planning proposals on a server. Based on a real-life project from railway infrastructure the web-based planning tool will be valuated with real applicants.