The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIII-B4-2022
02 Jun 2022
 | 02 Jun 2022


C. Bolognesi, M. Vespasiani, and Y. Zhang

Keywords: Virtual, Holograms, Visualization, BIM-GIS, Texture, UVmaps

Abstract. The Monza Park, with its more than 7 square meters of green area, divided between lawn and woods, its 110,000 tall trees, its 13 farmhouses, 3 historic villas, 13 m of fences and 90,000 visitors on spring Sundays, represents an irreplaceable source of wellness and sustainability for those who live near it. The pandemic situation of the 20s and 21s by reducing the movements and the possibility of coexistence of a large public in an open space has suggested the possibility of new forms of use and interaction of the same, even remotely, reproducing accurate Virtual Reality experiences. With this paper, the authors intend to illustrate a workflow from Scan to VR applications, taking advantage of the opportunity to explore digital acquisitions and additional materials available and functional to convey the values of open space and historical monuments immersed in them. The VR experiences have been structured for the navigation from the scale of architectural detail to the environmental one, with the goal of using the accurate model results for two different and remote instrumentations: a 7m diameter 360° theatre and a Holographic table, Euclideon Hologram Table©. Both situations, as opposed to hardware tools such as headset, favour the fruition for small groups of users.