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Articles | Volume XLIII-B4-2022
02 Jun 2022
 | 02 Jun 2022


D. Andritsou, M. Gkeli, S. Soile, and C. Potsiou

Keywords: BIM, IFC, LADM, 3D Cadastre, Greek Legislation, Volumetric Rights Restrictions Responsibilities

Abstract. The ongoing rapid urbanization has led to the emerge of several complex infrastructures distinguished by multi-dimensional and overlapping property rights. The option of integrating BIM data into LA, aligned with international standards and able to handle the three-dimensional (3D) aspect of cadastral objects utilizing contemporary technologies, may be of a great importance. The main objective of this paper is to investigate the potential integration of the Building Information Model (BIM) and the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard, with the international standard of Land Administration Domain Model (LADM ISO 19152 2012), in order to provide a unified solution for the registration and visualization of 3D spatial and sematic information regarding the complex Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities (RRR) in the new complex constructions. The proposed solution aims to exploit the available 2D plans for the generation of BIMs; and rely on international LADM’s constructional guidelines to provide a standardized cadastral database harmonized with the national Greek cadastral and the legal framework and aligned with the current Greek building code. The proposed framework is tested for two multi-storey buildings. The first results are promising constituting an important tool, for the implementation of 3D cadastres.