The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIV-4/W3-2020
23 Nov 2020
 | 23 Nov 2020


K. Alpan and B. Sekeroglu

Keywords: GIS, Tree Inventory System, Smart City Applications, Mobile Applications

Abstract. As human life develops in all aspects, nature is damaged and faced with the threat of extinction. With the increasing population, cities are expanding. The importance given to greenery and the ecological system is very low in these cities and they look like a concrete forest. However, urban trees are the most important and dominant vegetation materials that make important contributions to the city and the city people in terms of ecology, social, cultural, economic and aesthetics. A tree inventory system that will be created using GIS technologies will be very helpful in terms of both protecting the trees and tracking the forestation. In Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus, the importance of the trees in the city has started to reflect on public awareness. In this study, with the GIS study carried out on the pilot region selected in Nicosia, trees were registered by using a tree registration form and ArcMap and shown on the system according to their types. The tree information stored in the database together with the data collected in 9 categories will make it easier to track trees and prevent them from being cut down. In addition, in the study, it was explained how the system should be converted into a smart city application with use of mobile technology.