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Articles | Volume XLIV-M-1-2020
24 Jul 2020
 | 24 Jul 2020


A. P. Conti

Keywords: Raw Earth Architecture, Cultural Work, Memory, Social Ties, Cultural Associations, Young Volunteers, Ecomuseum

Abstract. Ficana, the area of raw earth houses built in the 19th century in the town of Macerata, is an example of vernacular architecture. About ten years ago it was restored. The restoration work – ordered by the Municipality – concerned half of the about fifty houses that make up the neighbourhood. The restored houses have been used for some years by local associations for cultural activities. Recently, after a public competition, the nine houses belonging to the municipality were granted, free of charge, to a group of cultural associations in order to create an Ecomuseum. The Villa Ficana Ecomuseum of raw earth houses was initiated in May 2016. Currently, the activity is dedicated to the implementation of initiatives aimed at rediscovering and enhancing local culture and memory. The inhabitants of Ficana and the entire citizenship are involved in the initiatives. Another field of action for the Ecomuseum is the study and enhancement of the constructive technique of raw earth building. This activity is aimed at professionals, owners and all those involved in green building and sustainable development. An important aspect of the Ecomuseum's activity is the fact that management work is carried out by young volunteers: young people engaged in the experience of the European and National Community Service. This also makes a fruitful exchange between local and European realities possible.