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Articles | Volume XLVI-2/W1-2022
25 Feb 2022
 | 25 Feb 2022


S. Gonizzi Barsanti, S. Lillo Giner, and A. Rossi

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Virtual Reconstruction, 3D Reconstruction, HBIM, Workflow, Data Sharing Environment

Abstract. Protecting and enhancing inherited assets is a duty of every age; ours requires disclosure through the services of the interconnected network, the only one, to date, capable of reaching a wide audience and with it attracting adequate economic resources for the implementation of programs. In keeping with the international definition of "Cultural Heritage", the paper describes the methodology that guided the construction in 3D of the monumental building sculpted in the iconographies between 52 and 62 AD on the marble slab now preserved at the archaeological museum of Perugia. An informative workflow on what has been collected is proposed to then discuss the potential of its uses. The focus lies in particular on the possibility of the model to act as an interoperable collector to compare the reconstructive hypotheses.

The final objective looks at the opportunity to create multimedia, multimodal and cross modal collaboration spaces to remedy aspects that, by affecting a wider audience of users, encourage socio-economic policies.