The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVI-4/W1-2021
03 Sep 2021
 | 03 Sep 2021


E. Laurini, M. Rotilio, P. De Berardinis, P. Vittorini, F. Cucchiella, G. Di Stefano, G. Ferri, V. Stornelli, and L. Tobia

Keywords: Wearable technology, Smart DPI, Covid-19, Safety, Construction site

Abstract. To implement the protocol contrasting the diffusion of Covid-19, the employer is required, to ensure the safety and health of the worker at work, to adopt measures related to the control of body temperature (with respect for privacy), the minimum distance during work and all other activities such as breaks, canteen breaks, access to toilets, in addition to the adoption of specifically developed safety procedures, such as e.g. the use of man-down detection devices. In this context, the project aims to illustrate a system able of providing support in the safeguarding of workers' health on construction sites. This system, based on information received from sensors capable of identifying workers' positions (e.g., if less than 1m away) and their vital parameters (e.g., body temperature, gasped breathing), as well as moving objects inside the construction site area (e.g., to check if a worker is passing under a moving crane), will raise early alerts directly to the workers and/or to the central software, with respect for privacy, to immediately activate all the necessary measures to mitigate the risk. The system, based on the data communicated by the various sensors, will store and process them for the purpose of extracting useful information for risk management. The proposed system configured itself as a new product taking advantage from a high Technology Readiness Level maturated from the Smart Safety Belt already developed by some of the authors.