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Articles | Volume XLVI-4/W3-2021
10 Jan 2022
 | 10 Jan 2022


A. Abdul Rahman and H. Rhinane

Abstract. This year the event of the Joint Geospatial Asia-Europe 2021 and GeoAdvances 2021 was held virtually from Casablanca, Morocco from 5 to 6th October. Sixty-two papers were received and 46 papers were accepted for the ISPRS International Archives. These papers could be categorized into three sub-disciplines – GIS, Geomatics, and Geo-computation (machine learning and applications). All accepted papers as revealed in this proceedings and presented at the conference. Several renowned researchers presented their works as keynotes, they are Prof Dr Peter van Oosterom (from TU Delft, the Netherlands), Prof Dr Volker Coors (from HfT Stuttgart, Germany), Dr Filip Biljecli (from National University of Singapore), Prof Dr Hassan Rhinane (from Hassan II University Casablanca, Morocco), Prof Dr Umit Isikdag (from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey), Assoc Prof Dr Gurcan Buyuksalih (Istanbul, Turkey), Prof Dr Sisi Zlatanova (from University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia), Assoc Prof Dr Lars Bodum (Aalborg University, Denmark), Prof Dr Andreas Buerkert (from University of Kassel, Germany). Presentations from Invited Speakers from various universities and research institutes from Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland, Qatar, Indonesia, and Germany enhanced the conference academic standing.

We would like to thank all reviewers for their diligent works on the feedbacks and comments on the assigned papers.

Last, but not least, gratitude to all the volunteers mainly our research students for making sure all the online system runs smoothly.