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Volume XLVI-4/W3-2021, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume XLVI-4/W3-2021, 2021 – Keyword index


25 epochs: Accuracy


C2RCC CNN CNNs Cadastral Fabric Cadastral Fabric System Software Cartography Casablanca Chlorophyll-a Concentration City Modelling CityGML CityGML LoD Computer Vision Conversion algorithm Cooperatives Coordinate Residual Coordinate Transformation Coordinated Cadastral System Cross-scale Query Crustal Deformation cheating on exams cloud computing cyst abundance


DNNs Data Model Decision making Deep Learning Deep learning Deep learning approach Digital Surface Model Digital Twin Disaster Management Disease Mapping development downscaling dynamics


GIS GIS-based Data Management GPS GPS orbit comparison Gated recurrent unit General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) Geographic Information System Geographic information system Geometric Errors Geoprocessing Geospatial Mapping Gradient Boosting Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) green roof


IFC Image segmentation Image texture Impervious Surface Indicators (NDVI Indonesia Indoor Disaster Infectious Disease Integer Ambiguity IoT image classification


LADM LU Laguna Lake Land Administration Land Change Modeler (LCM) Landslide Landslide Activity Lassa fever Least Square Collocation LiDAR linear regression lowering


MCDA Machine Learning Machine learning Mapping Marine Cadastre Marine Environment Medical Cartography Medical Data Management System Mobile Augmented Reality Mobile Laser Scanner (MLS) Morocco Multi-Criteria Analysis MCA Multi-scale morpho-sedimentary


PSInSAR techniques Parallel Processing Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Photovoltaic energy potential Plate Motion Polarization Positional Accuracy Improvement PostgreSQL Database Precision Health Principal component analysis Principal components analysis Public Health photogrammetric restitution population port


RS Random Field Simulation Ratio test Regression Decomposition Regression Synthesis Remote Sensing Remote sensing Review Rights Restriction Responsibility (RRRs) raising real-time data remote sensing


SAR SBAS SDI SNAP Safi Bay Satellite imagery Scale Unique ID Schools Sentinel A1 Sidi Moussa lagoon Site Velocity Site selection Smart City Solar cadaster Sparse Design Matrix Spatial Resolution Enhancement SqueeSAR StaMPS Storm prediction Strata Management Support Vector Machine Support vector machines Surveillance camera Susceptibility Systematic Review sediments solar radiation spatial analysis split-window algorithm surface deformation
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