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Articles | Volume XLVI-5/W1-2022
03 Feb 2022
 | 03 Feb 2022


B. Pandula, J. Kondela, I. Buchla, and J. Baulovič

Keywords: Blasting in quarries, Seismic waves, Millisecond timing delay, Peak particle velocity, Seismic waves attenuation law, Seismic safety

Abstract. Blasting induced vibration is one of the fundamental problems in the quarries and intense vibration can cause critical damage to environment nearby the quarries. Blasting operations generate seismic waves with different maximum particle velocity and wide spectrum of frequencies. This process depends on the properties of the rocks, properties of charges and technology of blasting. It is very important to study how to control vibration induced by blasting in the mitigation of negative effects of blasting in quarries. Maximum values of the particle velocity are depended on great number of different factors. The article presents the results of the analysis as well as an evaluation methodology of seismic safety of the objects during blasting work held by the seismic waves’ attenuation law and milisecond timing. Methodology of the evaluation of seismic effects of blasting are base for evaluation of the effects of seismic blasting in quarries in Slovakia.