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28 Aug 2021
 | 28 Aug 2021


S. Gu and H. Meng

Keywords: Industrial heritage, Protection, Renewal

Abstract. In the post industrial era, with the development of urban economy and the upgrading of industrial structure, a large number of industrial enterprises in the city transfer from the city centre to the periphery of the city in order to relieve the pressure of urban land shortage and seek their own development. Therefore, the idle land left behind is favoured by the real estate development and emerging industries. As an important space carrier for the continuation of urban context and economic development, the industrial buildings left behind are very popular. Its protection and reuse are related to the development of regional economy and the revival of culture. Under the background of urban renewal, how to properly protect and update the modern industrial heritage to realize the organic integration of the new and old system has become an important topic of heritage protection in China.

Today, the transformation of industrial heritage is in full swing. Although the research in the field of industrial heritage in China has started relatively late and the domestic practical experience and related research depth are not enough to form a complete theoretical system, the society has reached a common sense of the protection and renewal of industrial heritage. In January 2018, the first batch of China's industrial heritage protection list was officially released, making China's industrial heritage protection and renewal more scientific and standardized, combining with urban renewal to promote the rapid development of modern urban culture and economy, environmental protection and resource utilization.

From the point of view of “protection and renewal”, the paper summarizes the different value cognition of industrial building heritage, and discusses the relationship between the protection and reuse of industrial building heritage, and studies the relevant strategies for the protection and reuse of industrial building heritage, so as to provide reference for the research and development of other industrial building heritage.