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Articles | Volume XLVIII-1-2024
10 May 2024
 | 10 May 2024

Influence of 3D models choice on cervical outline measurements of teeth

Armen Gaboutchian, Vladimir Knyaz, Anatoly Maximov, and Sergey Zheltov

Keywords: automated odontometry, enamel cervical margin, computed micro-tomography, intra-oral scanning, tooth orientation, contour projection

Abstract. Among different study techniques, which are used in dental research, measurements of teeth play one of the most important roles. However classical measurement techniques usually show consistent results on morphologically complete objects, while teeth can be found in different conditions, depending, for instance, on the natural wear degree. In order to increase the sample, which is especially important when findings are not abundant, and to improve the analytical part, alternative techniques have been proposed, among which cervical measurements are considered to be informative, especially taking into consideration morphological and methodological importance of the cervical area. Algorithms of automated digital measurement techniques also use the cervical area for providing stability of results. Visualisation of the tooth cervical margin and reconstruction of its projections can be achieved by two conventional imaging techniques, which are tomography (preferably high-resolution) and intra-oral confocal optical scanning. They both were used for obtaining 3D reconstruction of upper premolar taken from palaeoanthropological materials. In line with applying the same automated coordinate system setting algorithm to both types of reconstructions, contours of their enamel cervical margins were defined and their projections to horizontal plane were obtained and measured. Despite the fact that 3D reconstructions from different imaging sources technically can serve for running automated odontometry, measurement results, especially in comparative studies, should be handled with attention.