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Articles | Volume XLVIII-1-2024
11 May 2024
 | 11 May 2024

Analysis of surface deformation and related factors over mining areas based on InSAR: A case study of Fengcheng mine

Xiaying Wang, Shuaiqiang Chen, Yuanping Xia, Yufen Niu, Jun Gong, and Yumei Yang

Keywords: InSAR, Time-series Deformation, Fengcheng Mine Area, Correlation Analysis

Abstract. Ground surface deformation in mines affects mining production, damages the ecological environment, and endangers human safety. Mastering the detailed time series deformation and related triggering factors can provide key information for the safety of the mining area. Therefore, the Fengcheng mining area, a large and ancient coal mine in Jiangxi Province, China, was selected as the study area in this work, and the following research was conducted: 1. The accuracy and applicability of the Stacking, Small-Baseline Subset InSAR (SBAS-InSAR), and Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA) methods were preliminarily explored while monitoring the annual deformation rate based on Sentinel-1A data from October 2019 to November 2022. 2. The time-series deformation of the Fengcheng mining area was obtained with SBAS-InSAR technology, and the sedimentation was validated with leveling results. 3. The correlation factors of deformation, such as rainfall and land cover, were studied, and the relationship between the influencing factors, such as coal mining dip angle, digital elevation, coal mining elevation, and deformation, was quantitatively explored with the Grey correlation model and Pearson correlation analysis method. The following conclusions were drawn: The SBAS method has the best adaptability in the dense vegetation mining area, and the root-mean-square error of the difference between deformation results and leveling data does not exceed 4mm. The evolution process of deformation centers is mainly divided into the stages of initial deformation, constant velocity deformation, accelerated deformation, and stable condition. Compared with the natural factors, the settlement of the Fengcheng mining area is mainly affected by human-induced mining and construction of artificial facilities.