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Articles | Volume XLVIII-2/W3-2023
12 May 2023
 | 12 May 2023


V. A. Knyaz, V. V. Kniaz, E. V. Ippolitov, M. M. Novikov, and S. Y. Zheltov

Keywords: aircraft icing, image-based 3D measurements, multimedia imaging, calibration, hydrodynamic tunnel, 3D flow monitioring

Abstract. Monitoring the evolution of the aerodynamic flow in potentially dangerous conditions is very important to ensure flight safety. Due to the impossibility of experimental study of critical flight conditions in real flights, methods of scaled modeling of flow processes have been developed and are widely used in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Aircraft icing is one of the most important processes that pose a threat to flight safety. The presented study is aimed at developing techniques for monitoring of process of aircraft icing and its influence on flow behaviour, that can be used in controlled conditions of aerodynamic/hydrodynamic tube. While available technical means for aerodynamic study does not include the wind tunnel for registration of flow simultaneously with icing process, the proposed framework includes as icing process 3D registration so further modelling this process in a hydrodynamic tube for flow monitoring. The proposed technique includes three phases, that allow to perform comprehensive monitoring of the whole process beginning with 3D registration of ice accretion development and completing with accurate 3D flow evolution monitoring corresponding to icing process.