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14 Feb 2024
 | 14 Feb 2024


S. Scandurra, M. Capone, and D. Palomba

Keywords: Parametric model, VPL, Damage, ChurMa Church Maker, Shape Grammar, Seismic damage

Abstract. Increasingly advanced technological development and the broad possibilities introduced by computer graphics and parametric-semantic modelling force us to reflect on the concept of smart models, especially in relation to the purposes for which the models themselves are created, directing research towards in-depth studies linked to the type of information that the model is intended to convey. This research shows the results obtained in the development and experimentation of a generative modelling algorithm dedicated to the rapid and semi-automatic modelling of churches. The work stems from the need to elaborate a useful tool to prepare, in a short time, an intelligent database - graphic and informative - rapidly visualisable, dedicated to the management of churches in post-earthquake emergency conditions.
The main objective is to make efficient the processes of data management and visualisation based on the seismic damage assessment sheets [D.P.C.M. 23 February 2006 (G.U. 7.3.2006, no. 55)] through procedures capable of expanding the information patrimony and, at the same time, optimising documentation and intervention times, costs and resource management (Chevrier, et al., 2009). The procedure for realising the parametric model is based on the concept of shape grammar. It allows different types of churches to be generated from the modification of basic shapes prepared according to the concept of a macro-element. It makes it possible to generate different types of churches from the modification of basic shapes prepared according to the macro-element concept (Lanzara, et al., 2021). The algorithm was tested by applying it to several case studies to evaluate its effectiveness and future implementations.