The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVIII-3/W2-2022
27 Oct 2022
 | 27 Oct 2022


Y. Wang, X. Huang, and M. Gao

Keywords: 3D point cloud, UAV image, 3D model, reverse modeling

Abstract. The process of building a digital city is the construction of a three-dimensional city model. The construction of 3 d data model is the process of multi-source spatial information collection and fusion. The current means of spatial information collection are mainly divided into three-dimensional laser technology and UAV photogrammetry technology. The three-dimensional laser technology is mainly based on ground laser, which has high acquisition accuracy for the bottom part of the building, but it is insufficient for the information collection at the top of the building. UAV photogrammetry has a large area and high efficiency spatial information collection method. At the same time, a large three-dimensional city model of the building can also be constructed. However, due to practical problems such as flight height and ground occlusion, the model constructed by UAV photogrammetry has a perfect top and poor bottom quality. The two methods are combined to build a more perfect point cloud model. Aiming at the above problems, a three-dimensional modeling method of buildings under multi-source data fusion is proposed. Firstly, the point cloud data and image data obtained by 3D laser scanner and UAV are preprocessed, and the two data forms are transformed into high-precision point cloud data. Then two sets of point cloud data are fused to generate the whole point cloud data. Finally, based on the patch generated by the whole point cloud, the point cloud model is reverse modeled. Get the corresponding building entity model, in order to get a more perfect 3D city model.