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Articles | Volume XLVIII-4/W3-2022
02 Dec 2022
 | 02 Dec 2022


A. El Idrissi, A. Haidine, A. Dahbi, and A. Aqqal

Keywords: Smart oasis, smart application, IoT, advanced ICT, mobile networks, machine learning, environment management, sensors

Abstract. The climate change is hitting the whole world, and with different level of severity from one geographical zone to another. There are different sensible environments, where its impact is having dramatic consequences on the life, for human being as well for fauna and flora. One of this sensible environment is the oasis. For example, in Moroccan oases, the conditions are getting more dramatic, with harsh desertification, scarcity of the precipitations, and more dangerously is the diminished groundwater, caused by less rain, less snow on the mountains, and evaporation of few available water due to thigh temperature. Other factors come to worsen the situation, such diseases in palm trees, olive tree, more frequent fire even outside of the hot season, etc. In this paper, we list and discuss some of the major challenges and problems facing the oasis environment, and we propose some smart applications to hep this environment to overcome such problems/challenges from societal, economic as well as environmental aspects. These solutions are pointed as smart to, because they are based on some advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), through data collection from sensors, data transmission, and then data analysis in order to make some intelligent decisions through algorithms to meet some optical decisions for resources utilisation. The term of “resources” covers energy, water, space, etc. In other works, we discuss “Internet-of-Things” (IoT) paradigm for modelling, synthesis and deployment of smart oasis.