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Articles | Volume XXXIX-B1
24 Jul 2012
 | 24 Jul 2012


M. H. Gojamanov

Keywords: Geodesy, Image, Resolution, Scale, Digital, Orthophototransformation, Spatial, Georeferencing

Abstract. Space information is increasingly the main source of spatial data for many projects. Modern methods of processing of satelite images and remote sensing data can get maps, showing the distribution of varios objects and phenomena on the earth's surface. An important feature of future space vehicles is the high precision gridded images. And it allows creating maps of scale 1:10,000 without using ground control points. As usual orthophotos and vector plans a large scale in the Countries of Independent States, created in the local area (local) coordinate system based on the coordinates in the coordinate system of 1942 (SF-42) to Gauss project. However, the spatial position of the satellite images is given in the WGS-84. Therefore there is a need to translate the raw materials of the WGS-84 in local coordinate system of the project, in other words, the geodesic linking satelite images. Keys are needed for this conversion of coordinates from the local to the state or directly to the WGS-84. To determine the key of the transition there are used the different methods.

This article describes the features of geodetic reference satellite images with the use of software and hardware for "DPS-4.0 Talca." This software has the task of linking images with rational polynomial coefficients in the local coordinate sytem in the unknown parameters of translation to the coordinate system WGS-84. To do this, "DPS-Talca 4.0" has special tool "linkimg images RPC in the local coordinate sytem."