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01 Aug 2012
 | 01 Aug 2012


H.-C. Yun, J.-B. Kim, J.-S. Lee, and I.-J. Kang

Keywords: Disaster Prevention Map, Digital Image, Hazard Attribute Information, Disaster Management

Abstract. As global warming and has caused the number of abnormal changes, lots of damage has arisen recently due to natural disaster. To prevent and cope with these annually repeated natural hazards, the disaster management is required including the systematic management. Currently the national and related agencies are producing the flood hazard map and flood e map in case of disaster management and recovery, and coping with the disaster using them for building recovery plan, grasping disaster status and cause analysis. The hazard map is the one which indicates the calamity danger districts including the degree of risk in general and called the degree of disaster risk map or disaster expectation map and it means the map which marks the hazard zones by estimating the areas to coping with the natural disaster in the inclusive concept. Now that such hazard map should be understood easily from the place of the person concerned in the disaster, the production of new type of map which can be easily understood visually rather than the map by diagram. In this study, new concept disaster prevention map based on digital image and disaster attribute information was constructed. The various disaster information such as the areas of inundation of river, submergence and landslip caused by severe rain storm and typhoon is marked in the hazard information map, and the rescue route and refuge area are also marked by setting the damage-expected areas. The disaster prevention map is able to support quick decision making for disaster management and resident education.