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16 Aug 2013
 | 16 Aug 2013


H. Hongyan, Z. Nan, and Y. Chunyu

Keywords: POS, DSM, Aerial Image, Dense Matching, Relaxation Optimization

Abstract. A novel method of POS supported dense matching is introduced for automatically generating DSM. The image pre-processing includes adaptive smooth filter and Wallis filter. The method based on the correlation coefficient with geometric constraint, POS supported geometry corrective for matching window, and global relaxation optimization is introduced in the process of matching for determining the homogeneous points. The Multi-image space intersection method with outlier elimination function is used to realize the matching result to integrate into the object space and generate coarse DSM. The matching results of upper pyramid generating a coarse DSM, which is used to constrain and guide the subsequent pyramid image matching, until the original image. Finally, the feasibility of the method proposed in this paper is verified by the experiments, which tests on different scales of aerial images.