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25 Sep 2013
 | 25 Sep 2013


M. R. Mobasheri and S. A. Zendehbad

Keywords: Sensor CHRIS, Noise, Temperature effects, Electronic effects

Abstract. The CHRIS sensor on the PROBA-1 satellite has imaged as push-broom way, 18 meter spatial resolution and 18 bands (1.25–11 nm) spectral resolution from earth since 2001. After 13 years of the life of the sensor because of many reasons including the influence of solar radiation and magnetic fields of Earth and Sun, behaviour of the response function of the detector exit from calibration mode and performance of some CCDs has failed. This has caused some image information in some bands have been deleted or invalid. In some images, some dark streaks or light bands in different locations need to be created to identify and correct.

In this paper all type of noise which likely impact on sensor data by CHRIS from record and transmission identified, calculated and formulated and method is presented through modifying. To do this we use the In-fight and On-ground measurements parameters. Otherwise creation of noise in images is divided into horizontal and vertical noise. Due to the random noise is created in different bands and different locations, those images in which noise is observed is used. In this paper, techniques to identify and correct the dark or pale stripe detail of the images are created. Finally, the noisy images were compared before and after the reform and effective algorithms to detect and correct errors were demonstrated.