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13 May 2013
 | 13 May 2013


P. Wang, J. Y. Yu, L. B. Zhao, and X. C. Guo

Keywords: DLG and Map, quality control, the consistency of maps and DLG

Abstract. The product of "DLGM" is a vector dataset of DLG and map, and is software independent, which is produced by our DLGM integrated technology system. This product has been included in the fundamental Geographic Information system (GIS), and confirmed by the mapping industry with its advantages of the integration, commonality, and multi-purpose. As a new kind product of digital map, it involves a large number of theoretical issues and technical problems. Specially, quality of product is a crucial problem in one of them. In our study, the basic framework of DLGM product is given firstly. And then we talk about quality control method and mechanisms in the production process, which involved dynamic modelling based on the topological map model, data dictionary and "DLG and Map" integration template. The core task of this process is the consistency of maps and its corresponding geographic information. The rule of the process ensures the data quality in aspects of products design, manufacturing process method, tools, quality testing, application and data exchange. In recent years of practical application, a number of provincial fundamental DLGM products were produced by our DLGM integrated technology system, which has passed the existing quality standard authentication. It proved factually that the product quality control theory and technology which is adopted in our system is effective and feasible. At present, the technology and quality control method has been playing an important role in DLGM products.