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21 Aug 2013
 | 21 Aug 2013


A. Kisa, S. Çolak, S. Bakici, and L. Özmüş

Keywords: Cadastre Renovation Project (CRP), Near infrared images, orthophoto, image services

Abstract. Recently, Turkey's National Geographic Information System (TNGIS) carried out a more comprehensive studies. General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (GDLRC) within the scope of these studies has projects in many areas within the jurisdiction. GDLRC have started Land Registry and Cadastre Modernization Project (LRCMP) in 2008 and still continues this project. The current project is very successful in the renewal and transfer of digital media, after the completion of the country's digital cadastre. The scope of this project was prepared comprehensive study. The scope of this project was prepared comprehensive study.

This studies; human resources development, new cadastre offices renovation and its services improvement, examining and reporting of the valuation of real estate, renovation and updating of the cadastre. All works continues at the same speed and determination. With these developments, GDLRC works with institutions, organizations and citizens. These developments cause a further increase interoperability and trust relationships. GDLRC, across the country, produces, stores, manages and preservesof property information. GDLRC the use and development of real estate is an important way to the work. In this context, one of the layers of spatial information systems, an essential requirement of the images which obtained by means of remote sensing satellite photos and/or consist of aerial photographs, is quite an important role. In research, in order to meet the common needs of different institutions and organizations, aerial photographs and orthophoto imagery are needed. Aerial photographs more up to date, precise, clear and reliable.

GDLRC, signing of important projects, is working to implement the Orthophoto Information System (OIS) project. GDLRC equipped with a new photogrammetric systems in 2009. In this way, the technological advances in the industry leading on this issue very closely monitored and carried out the task successfully. 200 000 km2 area in the country, 1/5000 scaled digital color orthophoto images were producedbetween 2009–2012. Orthophoto images of other areas is carried out by General Command of Mapping (GCM). Orthophotos , base images with the current covering the whole country, cloudless, 30–45 cm in the sampling interval (Ground Sample Distance – GSD), produced will be realized by both institutions in 2014. Ongoing projects in the fields covered by the renewal is important. Orthophoto production stage, stereo, color, and near-infrared aerial photographs of the terrain elevation models are also available. Municipalities places by 1/1000 scale orthophoto images prepared in this process.

The production of orthophotos, digital cadastral works of engineering projects and other institutions, decision-support processes, quality controls and integrity of the legal dimension of the feature can be used to create litter. GDLRC for these purposes by the OGC Web Services standards TNGIS prepared and successfully created the image layer. Two projects planned by GDLRC. In both of projects, historical aerial photographs, are retrieved from GDLRC and GCM archives, will scan, produce orthophoto and service from web.