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25 Oct 2013
 | 25 Oct 2013

Distortion Distribution and Convergence Analysis of Spherical Diamond Discrete Grids

L. C. Zhou, B. X. Lin, G. N. Lv, and Z. P. Zhao

Keywords: Global Discrete Grid, Spherical Diamond Discrete Grid, Distortion Distribution, Convergence Analysis, Electrical Potential Energy

Abstract. Four kinds of subdivision methods of Global Discrete Grid are presented in this paper. Furthermore, we systematically and comprehensively compare and analyze the distortion distribution and convergence of spherical diamond discrete grids. Especially, the Electrical Potential Energy is introduced as index to measure the distortion distribution of spherical diamond discrete grids. The result shows that the properties including the distortion of the area of the grid cell and the distortion of the angle of the grid cell or from the global uniformity of spherical diamond discrete grids which are obtained by recursively bisecting the great arcs on the surface of the globe starting with the icosahedron are much better than the properties of the other three discrete grid obtained by subdivision methods.