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26 Nov 2013
 | 26 Nov 2013

A 3D Model Based Imdoor Navigation System for Hubei Provincial Museum

W. Xu, M. Kruminaite, B. Onrust, H. Liu, Q. Xiong, and S. Zlatanova

Keywords: Three-dimensional, Navigation, Mobile, Application, Database

Abstract. 3D models are more powerful than 2D maps for indoor navigation in a complicate space like Hubei Provincial Museum because they can provide accurate descriptions of locations of indoor objects (e.g., doors, windows, tables) and context information of these objects. In addition, the 3D model is the preferred navigation environment by the user according to the survey. Therefore a 3D model based indoor navigation system is developed for Hubei Provincial Museum to guide the visitors of museum. The system consists of three layers: application, web service and navigation, which is built to support localization, navigation and visualization functions of the system. There are three main strengths of this system: it stores all data needed in one database and processes most calculations on the webserver which make the mobile client very lightweight, the network used for navigation is extracted semi-automatically and renewable, the graphic user interface (GUI), which is based on a game engine, has high performance of visualizing 3D model on a mobile display.