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Articles | Volume XL-4/W7
30 Jun 2015
 | 30 Jun 2015

A 3D social platform for the Paths of Via Regina

M. A. Brovelli and G. Zamboni

Keywords: GIS, Mobile, Three-dimensional, Virtual globe, Web based, Volunteered Geographic Information

Abstract. GeoWeb 2.0, the geographic extension of Web 2.0, has opened new possibilities in terms of online dissemination and sharing of geospatial contents, thus laying the foundations for a fruitful development of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) systems. At the same time the technological evolution and the availability of ever more efficient devices has allowed the usability of the third dimension even for the cartographic viewers, changing the way people approach to geographic information on the Web. Unlike the traditional 2D-visualization typical of the classic Web Geographic Information Systems (Web-GISs), the multi-dimensional viewers, of which virtual globes are the main examples, offer fully-realistic content visualization which allows for a much richer user experience. In this paper a 3D Web application based on the NASA World Wind virtual globe which aims at the enhancement of the foot paths on the hilly cross-border area between Italy and Switzerland is presented.