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Volume XL-5/W2, 2013 – Keyword index

Volume XL-5/W2, 2013 – Keyword index


3-D model 3D 3D Archives 3D Digital Model Database 3D GIS 3D Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 3D LASER scanning 3D Laser scanning and Architectural Photogrammetry 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Reconstruction 3D Visualization 3D camera 3D data 3D digital libraries 3D digital simulation 3D documentation 3D heritage 3D imaging 3D laser scanning 3D laser scanning technology 3D laserscanning, photogrammetry 3D model 3D modeling 3D modeling from drawings 3D modelling 3D modelling from drawings 3D reconstruction 3D visualisation 3D-Layers 3D-Scanning 3D-modeling 3DGIS 3d Management System 3d laser-scanner


ALS Accuracy Acquisition Adaptive Reuse Airborne Amalfi coast Amphitheatre Anastolysis process Ancient coins Animation Archaeological Data Representation Archaeological survey Archaeology Architectural Heritage Architectural Heritage (AH) Architectural heritage Architectural recording Architectural survey for Restoration Architecture Architecture Education Archives Archæology Audio-visual art Augmented Reality Augmented books Aurelian Walls Automation al-Zubarah-Qatar analysis antique time ship archaeology architectural conservation as-built BIM assessment


BIM Barn Beqaa Bois-du-Luc Bojnourd Building Information Modeling Building pathology Mapping Bundle adjustment building survey buildings preservation strategy built structures built-up archaeology


CAD CAD Modeling; GIS CAVE Caisson Calibration Camera calibration Camera degli Sposi Caravansaries Cartography City Model Civil Military Cooperation Classification Close Range Close Range Photogrammetry Close-Range Photogrammetry Close-range Cloud Computing Coded structured light Comparison Compressive sensing Computer Graphics Computer Vision Computer-Aided Drawing Condition assessment Conservation Cooperation Crafts inventory, Visual survey Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Ontologies Cultural Heritage Management Plan Cultural heritage Cultural heritage documentation Cultural heritage of Jeddah Cultural landscape canal canopic jars city structure city history classification coded target collaborative research colour community projects computer simulation computer vision condition mapping conservation construction records continuous model cooling towers crane cultural heritage cultural heritage applications


DEM/DTM DTM Data Data Retrieval Database Datasets Degradation Processes Deliverables Denoising Dense correlation Design Studio Digital Camera Digital Database Digital Documentation and Publication Digital Drawing Digital Photography Digital art Digital mock up Digital photography Digital recording Dissemination Docomomo Documentation Documentation of traditional architecture Dynamic monitoring and management, Mobile GIS technology dams data exchange, open source data standards database decay mapping deformation degradation demonstration digital anastylosis digital elevation model digital preservation digital restoration of library catalogue digitalization disaster-damaged cultural heritage disaster-related heritage studies documentation


EDM Early era Earthen Architecture, Documentation Earthquake Education Effective communication Egyptian Alabaster El Escorial Enhancement Essential matrix e-Learning earthquake-resistant design education energy efficiency energy efficiency improvement


GIS GPR GPS Geoglyphs Graphics Great East Japan Earthquake Guidelines for Authors Gulf countries generalized structural deformations geo-models geographic geology geomatics geometric composition geometric survey georeferencing grottoes and carvings


HBIM HCI Heritage Heritage Building Heritage Recording Heritage buildings Heritage conservation Heritage inventories Historic Fabric Historic building information system Historic map Historical Narrative Historical and cultural block Historical infrastructure History Homologous Point Human Settlement Hyperspectral imaging heritage historic building information modeling historic buildings historic environment historical buildings historical formal residence historical garden


IR-Thermography IR-reflectography Iconography research Image-based 3D modelling Image-based Modeling Image-based modeling Imagery Immersive reality Indigenous Heritage Indonesia Information Information Inventory Information Systems Infrared Infrared image Inspection Interior Architecture Elements Interior Design Internet/WEB Internet/Web Interoperability Inventory Inventory management Iran Islamic influences image matching image processing image-based modelling industrial heritage instrumentation insulation interoperability interpretation


LIDAR LIDAR. Laas Geel Large structures Laser Scan Laser Scanning Laser scanner Laser scanners Laser scanning Late Gothic Architecture Lidar Line shift processing Living Monument Low cost instrument landscape hystory laser Scanning laser scanning laser-scanning laserscanning light stripe topography scanner


Management Managing Mantegna Manuscripts Mapping</i> Matching Materials Materials for restoration: Materic analysis Medieval Medieval mines Method Methods of Building archaeology Mining Mixed reality Model Modeling Modelling Modern Heritage Buildings Mofakham Multiresolution Multisensor Multispectral Multispectral data map mapping measured surveys methodology mining site monitoring monofotogrammetry monoplotting multi-sensor data museum store


Old Jeddah Old buildings Open Source Open Data Kit Open source GIS Open-source Orientation Ottoman bath object recognition optical character recognition orthophoto


PDF-3D Painting Panorama Panoramic Photos Parametric Elements Participatory Education Performing Arts Photo-Modelling Photo-realism PhotoModeler Photogrammetric Techniques Photogrammetry Photography Place names Planes Platforms Point Cloud Point Clouds Point clouds Point operator Pointcloud Pompei Positioning Post-cinema studies Preservation Preservation planning Procedural Modelling Proceedings Processing Protocols of intervention Public Awareness Promotion painted cave panoramic images photogrammetry photogrammetry. conservation project, archaeology photographer photography point cloud protection


Radar Radial distortion Radiance Scaling Radiometry Real time rendering, Uncertainty visualization Reconstruction Recording Reflectance Registration Repair Representation Research Residual components Response Risk Cycle Models Risk Indicators Risk Preparedness Plans Risks Rock Art Rock-cut tombs Romanesque Church Royal Palace in Caserta real time rendering red coral registration retrofit risk assessment rock mechanics


SFM Sardinia Scale Models Scanning Heritage Sculpture Sections Segmentation Semantic Web Semantic structure Shaded relief Shear Walls Single-pixel camera Site exploration Software Somaliland Space Making Crafts (SMC) Space Surface Crafts (SSC) Spherical Photogrammetry Spirit of Place Stakeholder Involvement Stereo Matching Stereo Vision Structure from Motion Studio Design Education Styleguide Survey Survey of Arabien architecture Surveying Sustainability Suzhou System Calibration sanctuary satellite image seismic risk semantic annotation shape representation, geometric modeling shearography spatio-temporal spherical panorama statues stones cladding styles of architecture survey


TLS Tacheometer, pmd-camera Technique Technology Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial Laserscanning Terrestrial laser Scanning Terrestrial laser sanner Terrestrial laser scanning Texturation The stage in Er Wang Temple Theatre Thermal inspection Three dimensional modeling Tng-Ko Tool Marks Total station Tracking technologies Tradable Development Rights Traditional building Training technology temple terrain models terrestrial laser scanning texturing texturing model thermal insulation topography tunnels


UAV UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO World Heritage Sites UV-fluorescence photography Underground Underwater photogrammetry University cooperation University of Alcala Users interaction underwater excavations urban design


VNIR VR tool Validation Versailles Videomapping Virtual Heritage Virtual Knowledge Platform Virtual heritage Virtual tour Visual documentation Visualisation Visualization Vulnerability vectors vertical terrestrial images vessels viaducts virtual anastylosis visualisation voluntary initiative
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