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Articles | Volume XL-5/W7
11 Aug 2015
 | 11 Aug 2015

4D Visualization of Painted Sculpture and Murals

M. Y. Ai, H. Tong, L. Shen, R. X. Wang, F. Zhang, Z. C. Zhang, Q. W. Hu, Y. X. Zhu, and H. Zhang

Keywords: Chemical Analysis, Image Segmentation, 3D Reconstruction, 4D Visualization, Painted Sculpture and Murals

Abstract. Most cultural heritage applications address visualization with using various media or platforms: desktop-based multimedia presentations, museum kiosks, or videos produced with computer animation. However, these techniques can not directly reveal or show the course that the colorful surface of painted sculpture and murals becomes faint along with the change of the climate and time. Most current techniques just preserve the current appearance and disseminate the current situation of the painted sculpture and murals. The course how these forms of cultural heritage change along the time has not been visualized. In this paper we developed an approach to modelling of painted sculpture and murals that has undergone changes over the years. Different hypotheses has also be given if there is uncertainty. A painted sculpture of Mogao Grottoes is used to demonstate this approach.