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11 Aug 2015
 | 11 Aug 2015

Survey Guidelines and its Reading Criteria for Monitoring and Transmitting Cultural Heritage Values

A. De Masi

Keywords: Analysis and Interpretation of Material Systems, Survey Guidelines, Reading Criteria, Drawing as a Laearning System of Architectural Heritage, Relief as a Knowledge Framework, 2D/3D digitization of Cultural Heritage

Abstract. The paper describes reading criteria for an analysis and interpretation of material systems in relation to a built space, survey guidelines and its reading criteria for Cultural Heritage (CH) values’monitoring and transmission. In addition, integrated systems of digital technologies and 2D/3D digitization of CH are introduced for an effective and accurate reading of Venice and Milan’s monuments. Specifically, the guidelines for an architectural survey allow to organize and document historic monuments information, and to identify the significant cultural/physical elements of our past in order for them to be preserved and protected for future generations. In addition, in this paper the studied projects introduce a combination of virtual technologies and historical reality with experimenting innovative solutions for CH. From the methodological point of view, this study has made use of the identification of levels of study (LS) differentiated, each of which is capable of identifying categories.