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12 Aug 2015
 | 12 Aug 2015

Study on establishment of Body of Knowledge of Taiwan's Traditional Wooden Structure Technology

M.T. Huang, S.C. Chiou, T.W. Hsu, and P.C. Su

Keywords: Traditional timber technology, Technology preservation, Knowledge system

Abstract. The timber technology of the Taiwan traditional architecture is brought by the immigrants in the Southern Fujian of China in the early, which has been inherited for a hundred years. In the past, these traditional timber technologies were taught by mentoring, however, due to the change of the social form, the construction of the traditional architecture was faded away, and what is gradually replaced is the repair work of the traditional architecture, therefore, the construction method of the timber technology, use form of the tool and other factors are very different from previous one, and the core technology is faced with the dilemma of endangered loss. There are many relevant studies on architectural style, construction method of technology, schools of craftsman, technical capacity of craftsman and other timber technologies, or the technology preservation is carried out by dictating the historical record, studying the skills and other ways, but for the timber craftsman repairing the traditional architecture on the front line, there is still space for discussing whether to maintain the original construction method and maintain the due repair quality for the core technology. This paper classified the timber technology knowledge with the document analysis method and expert interview method, carried out the architecture analysis of knowledge hierarchy, and finally, built the preliminary framework of the timber technology knowledge system of the Taiwan traditional architecture, and built the standard formulation available for craftsman training and skills identification by virtue of the knowledge system, so that the craftsman did not affect the technical capacity due to the change of the knowledge instruction system, thus, affecting the repair quality of the traditional architecture; and in addition, the building of the database system can also be derived by means of the knowledge structure, so as to integrate the consistency of the contents of core technical capacity. It can be used as the interpretation data; the knowledge is standardized and the authority file is established, which is regarded as a technical specification, so that the technology is standardized, thus, avoid loss or distort.