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Articles | Volume XL-5/W7
12 Aug 2015
 | 12 Aug 2015

3D modeling of the Strasbourg’s Cathedral basements for interdisciplinary research and virtual visits

T. Landes, G. Kuhnle, and R. Bruna

Keywords: Recording, cathedral, 3D modeling, laser scanning, texturing, phased model, archaeology, virtual visit

Abstract. On the occasion of the millennium celebration of Strasbourg Cathedral, a transdisciplinary research group composed of archaeologists, surveyors, architects, art historians and a stonemason revised the 1966-1972 excavations under the St. Lawrence’s Chapel of the Cathedral having remains of Roman and medieval masonry. The 3D modeling of the Chapel has been realized based on the combination of conventional surveying techniques for the network creation, laser scanning for the model creation and photogrammetric techniques for the texturing of a few parts. According to the requirements and the end-user of the model, the level of detail and level of accuracy have been adapted and assessed for every floor. The basement has been acquired and modeled with more details and a higher accuracy than the other parts. Thanks to this modeling work, archaeologists can confront their assumptions to those of other disciplines by simulating constructions of other worship edifices on the massive stones composing the basement. The virtual reconstructions provided evidence in support of these assumptions and served for communication via virtual visits.