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06 Jun 2014
 | 06 Jun 2014

Evaluations of Three-Dimensional Building Model Reconstruction from LiDAR Point Clouds and Single-View Perspective Imagery

F. Tsai and H. Chang

Keywords: 3D Building Model Reconstruction, LiDAR, Single View Reconstruction, Image-based Reconstruction, Close-range Photogrammetry

Abstract. This paper briefly presents two approaches for effective three-dimensional (3D) building model reconstruction from terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) data and single perspective view imagery and assesses their applicability to the reconstruction of 3D models of landmark or historical buildings. The collected LiDAR point clouds are registered based on conjugate points identified using a seven-parameter transformation system. Three dimensional models are generated using plan and surface fitting algorithms. The proposed single-view reconstruction (SVR) method is based on vanishing points and single-view metrology. More detailed models can also be generated according to semantic analysis of the façade images. Experimental results presented in this paper demonstrate that both TLS and SVR approaches can successfully produce accurate and detailed 3D building models from LiDAR point clouds or different types of single-view perspective images.