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Articles | Volume XL-7/W2
29 Oct 2013
 | 29 Oct 2013

Cloud based N-dimensional weather forecast visualization tool with image analysis capabilities

M. Laka-Iñurrategi, I. Alberdi, K. Alonso, and M. Quartulli

Keywords: Meteorology, Image Processing, Visualization, GIS

Abstract. Until recently the majority of data analysis and visualization tools were desktop applications that demanded high requirement hardware to carry out those processes. However, nowadays there is a trend to evolve this kind of applications to service based solutions that can be accessed remotely. Considering the implications that the weather has in the health and the safety of the human beings, authorities require a further knowledge of the weather forecasts and their impacts but they have difficulties to properly understand the raw forecasts since they usually are not experts in the field of meteorology. For this purpose, we have designed and implemented a framework that permits a remote access to weather forecasts. With this tool, the practitioners can access, visualise and interact with the data from a web browser. Furthermore, it contains an image and numeric analysis module that permits the generation of new information what is helpful in decision making processes.