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Articles | Volume XL-7/W2
29 Oct 2013
 | 29 Oct 2013

An automatic integrated image segmentation, registration and change detection method for water-body extraction using HSR images and GIS data

H.G. Sui, G. Chen, and L. Hua

Keywords: Water-body extraction, image segmentation, registration, change detection, GIS

Abstract. Automatic water-body extraction from remote sense images is a challenging problem. Using GIS data to update and extract waterbody is an old but active topic. However, automatic registration and change detection of the two data sets often presents difficulties. In this paper, a novel automatic water-body extraction method is proposed. The core idea is to integrate image segmentation, image registration and change detection with GIS data as a whole processing. A new iterative segmentation and registration strategy is proposed. Here, the so-called visual attention model and level set segmentation algorithm is introduced to find interesting areas with suspected water-bodies and to obtain initial objects contours. And an improved shape curve similarity (ISCS) is presented to match image segmentation objects and GIS water-bodies with overall spatial constraints. Furthermore buffer based change detection algorithm is designed to obtain unchanged water-bodies and SVM classifier is used to verify changed ones. Experiment results show that proposed method was effective in rapid extraction and change detection of water-bodies.