The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XL-7/W2
29 Oct 2013
 | 29 Oct 2013

An Interlinking Approach for Linked Geospatial Data

M. Zhang, J. Yuan, J. Gong, and P. Yue

Keywords: Interlinking approaches, Identity links, Geospatial data, Linking open data cloud, Tversky's contrast model

Abstract. Geospatial metadata from metadata catalogue can be published as part of Web of data used Linked Data technologies. The published data could be named as linked geospatial metadata. A key issue of Linked Data technologies is to create links among datasets. There are three important types of RDF links: relationship links, identity links, and vocabulary links. This paper proposes a matching method to construct linkages between linked geospatial metadata and geospatial datasets in the linking open data cloud (LOD). This matching method is based on semantic similarity to construct identity links. A matching algorithm using Tversky‘s contrast model and Jaro-Winkler distance is proposed and evaluated.