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28 Oct 2013
 | 28 Oct 2013

A Comparitive Study On The Perfermance Of The InSAR Phase Filtering Approches In The Spatial And The Wavelet Domains

W. Ben Abdallah and R. Abdelfattah

Keywords: WInPF, Lee filter, FAMM, WMF, Wavelet domain, Interferogram SAR

Abstract. In this paper, we studied and tested different filtering approaches of the SAR interferograms in the spatial and wavelet domains. In the spatial domain, we applied the classic Lee filter and the Weighted Median Filter WMF. In the wavelet domain, we tested a noise reduction algorithm WInP proposed by López and Fàbregàs and its enhanced version FAMM developed by Abdelfattah and Bouzid. Those filters are validated with different SAR interferograms provided by Radarsat-2, Envisat, ERS-2 and COSMO-SkyMed SLC data acquired over regions of Mahdia and Ben Guerden in Tunisia. The aim of this study is to select the optimal filtering approach with respect to the fringe pattern in the interferogram. This selection is based on the Digital Elevation Model error computed between the filtered unwrapping phase image and the Global ASTER DEM of the same regions and verified with simulated interferograms.