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Articles | Volume XL-7/W4
03 Aug 2015
 | 03 Aug 2015


Y. Xue, W. Xie, Q. Du, and H. Sang

Keywords: DSM Extraction, ZY-3 Three-Line Arrays Imagery, Stereo Mapping, DSM Accuracy, Performance Evaluation, Accuracy Validation

Abstract. ZiYuan-3 (ZY-3), launched in January 09, 2012, is China's first civilian high-resolution stereo mapping satellite. ZY-3 is equipped with three-line scanners (nadir, backward and forward) for stereo mapping, the resolutions of the panchromatic (PAN) stereo mapping images are 2.1-m at nadir looking and 3.6-m at tilt angles of ±22° forward and backward looking, respectively. The stereo base-height ratio is 0.85-0.95. Compared with stereo mapping from two views images, three-line arrays images of ZY-3 can be used for DSM generation taking advantage of one more view than conventional photogrammetric methods. It would enrich the information for image matching and enhance the accuracy of DSM generated. The primary result of positioning accuracy of ZY-3 images has been reported, while before the massive mapping applications of utilizing ZY-3 images for DSM generation, the performance evaluation of DSM extraction from three-line arrays imagery of ZY-3 has significant meaning for the routine mapping applications. The goal of this research is to clarify the mapping performance of ZY-3 three-line arrays scanners on china’s first civilian high-resolution stereo mapping satellite of ZY-3 through the accuracy evaluation of DSM generation. The comparison of DSM product in different topographic areas generated with three views images with different two views combination images of ZY-3 would be presented. Besides the comparison within different topographic study area, the accuracy deviation of the DSM products with different grid size including 25-m, 10-m and 5-m is delineated in order to clarify the impact of grid size on accuracy evaluation.