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Articles | Volume XL-8
27 Nov 2014
 | 27 Nov 2014

Geospatial Technology in Disease Mapping, E- Surveillance and Health Care for Rural Population in South India

B. A. Praveenkumar, K. Suresh, A. Nikhil, M. Rohan, B. S. Nikhila, C. K. Rohit, and A. Srinivas

Keywords: Health care, GIS, Data mining, Visualization, Risk analysis, ICT

Abstract. Providing Healthcare to rural population has been a challenge to the medical service providers especially in developing countries. For this to be effective, scalable and sustainable, certain strategic decisions have to be taken during the planning phase. Also, there is a big gap between the services available and the availability of doctors and medical resources in rural areas. Use of Information Technology can aid this deficiency to a good extent. In this paper, a mobile application has been developed to gather data from the field. A cloud based interface has been developed to store the data in the cloud for effective usage and management of the data. A decision tree based solution developed in this paper helps in diagnosing a patient based on his health parameters. Interactive geospatial maps have been developed to provide effective data visualization facility. This will help both the user community as well as decision makers to carry out long term strategy planning.