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Articles | Volume XL-8
28 Nov 2014
 | 28 Nov 2014

Hydat-A Hyperspectral Data Processing Tool for Field Spectroradiometer Data

S. Singh, D. Dutta, U. Singh, J. R. Sharma, and V. K. Dadhwal

Keywords: Spectroradiometer, Data Processing Tool, MATLAB, Absorption Feature, Spectral Indices, Spectral Geometry

Abstract. A hyperspectral data processing tool "HyDAT" has been developed in MATLAB environment for processing of Field Spectroradiometer data for vegetation studies. Several basic functions e.g. data visualization, pre-processing, noise removal and data transformation and features like automatic absorption feature recovery and their characterization have been introduced. A new concept of spectral geometry has been included as a separate module which is conceptualized as triangle formed over spectral space joining the vertices of green reflectance peak, red well and inflection point and is extremely useful for vegetation health analysis. A large variety of spectral indices both static and dynamic, have been introduced which is useful for remote estimation of foliar biochemicals. Keeping in view the computational requirement, MATLAB was used in the programming environment. It has various in-built functions for statistical and mathematical analysis, signal processing functions like FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), CWT (Continuous Wavelet Transform), direct smoothing function for moving average, Savitzky-Golay smoothing technique, etc. which can be used with ease for the signal processing and field data analysis. FSF (Field Spectroscopy Facility) Post processing Toolbox can also be freely downloaded and can be used for the direct importing and pre-processing of Spectroradiometer data for detector overlap correction, erroneous water band removal and smoothing. The complete package of the software has been bundled for standalone application of shared libraries with additional files for end users. The software is powered by creation of spectral library and customized report generation. An online help menu guides the user for performing different functions. The tool is capable of reducing the time required for processing field based hyperspectral data significantly and eliminate the need for different software to process the raw data and spectral features extraction.