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06 Jun 2016
 | 06 Jun 2016

Augmenting ViSP’s 3D Model-Based Tracker with RGB-D SLAM for 3D Pose Estimation in Indoor Environments

J. Li-Chee-Ming and C. Armenakis

Keywords: Pose estimation, ViSP, RGB-D, SLAM, tracking

Abstract. This paper presents a novel application of the Visual Servoing Platform’s (ViSP) for pose estimation in indoor and GPS-denied outdoor environments. Our proposed solution integrates the trajectory solution from RGBD-SLAM into ViSP’s pose estimation process. Li-Chee-Ming and Armenakis (2015) explored the application of ViSP in mapping large outdoor environments, and tracking larger objects (i.e., building models). Their experiments revealed that tracking was often lost due to a lack of model features in the camera’s field of view, and also because of rapid camera motion. Further, the pose estimate was often biased due to incorrect feature matches. This work proposes a solution to improve ViSP’s pose estimation performance, aiming specifically to reduce the frequency of tracking losses and reduce the biases present in the pose estimate. This paper explores the integration of ViSP with RGB-D SLAM. We discuss the performance of the combined tracker in mapping indoor environments and tracking 3D wireframe indoor building models, and present preliminary results from our experiments.