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07 Jun 2016
 | 07 Jun 2016

A Multi-Scale Settlement Matching Algorithm Based on ARG

Han Yue, Xinyan Zhu, Di Chen, and Lingjia Liu

Keywords: ARG, Multi-Scale, Matching, Settlement, Vertex Merging

Abstract. Homonymous entity matching is an important part of multi-source spatial data integration, automatic updating and change detection. Considering the low accuracy of existing matching methods in dealing with matching multi-scale settlement data, an algorithm based on Attributed Relational Graph (ARG) is proposed. The algorithm firstly divides two settlement scenes at different scales into blocks by small-scale road network and constructs local ARGs in each block. Then, ascertains candidate sets by merging procedures and obtains the optimal matching pairs by comparing the similarity of ARGs iteratively. Finally, the corresponding relations between settlements at large and small scales are identified. At the end of this article, a demonstration is presented and the results indicate that the proposed algorithm is capable of handling sophisticated cases.