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09 Jun 2016
 | 09 Jun 2016


A. Krtalic

Keywords: Indicator of mine presence, segmentation, general, geometric shapes, factor analysis

Abstract. The aim of this research is to investigate possibility for interactive semi-automatic interpretation of digital images in humanitarian demining for the purpose of detection and extraction of (strong) indicators of mine presence which can be seen on the images, according to the parameters of the general geometric shapes rather than radiometric characteristics. For that purpose, objects are created by segmentation. The segments represent the observed indicator and the objects that surround them (for analysis of the degree of discrimination of objects from the environment) in the best possible way. These indicators cover a certain characteristic surface. These areas are determined by segmenting the digital image. Sets of pixels that form such surface on images have specific geometric features. In this way, it is provided to analyze the features of the segments on the basis of the object, rather than the pixel level. Factor analysis of geometric parameters of this segments is performed in order to identify parameters that can be distinguished from the other parameters according to their geometric features. Factor analysis was carried out in two different ways, according to the characteristics of the general geometric shape and to the type of strong indicators of mine presence. The continuation of this research is the implementation of the automatic extraction of indicators of mine presence according results presented in this paper.