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31 May 2017
 | 31 May 2017


D. B. Susetyo, M. F. Syafiudin, and Y. Prasetyo

Keywords: DTM, TerraSAR-X, TIN, Indonesia

Abstract. One of the outputs of mapping activity in Indonesia is Digital Terrain Model (DTM). DTM generated by stereo plotting with photogrammetry concept, where Indonesia Topography Map at medium scale using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and currently, one of SAR data that used to produce Indonesian Topographic Map is TerraSAR-X.

This paper discusses about DTM generation in Papua Island, Indonesia, using TerraSAR-X, which is part of topographic mapping activity on a scale of 1 : 25,000. We choose Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) as the interpolation method. After TIN was build and edited, we have to check to produce good DTM. Quality control involves visual and statistic quality.

In statistic aspect, we compare Linear Error 90 % (LE90) value to map accuracy that regulated in Head of Geospatial Information Agency Rules Number 15 Year 2014. We use 50 test points for 59 map sheets in scale 1 : 25,000 (the area around 10,000 km2). To validate the elevation, we interpret test points elevation in the stereo model, then we compare to an elevation in DTM. LE90 value is 9.75 m, so we can conclude that DTM elevation still in class 3. In a visual aspect, we must edit the DTM. There are 9 parameters in visual quality control, and to meets these parameters, we can use three methods: add and reduce mass point, move mass point, and add breakline. Editing to the DTM can make we sure that it meets the quality standard in scale 1 : 25,000 data.