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Articles | Volume XLII-1/W1
31 May 2017
 | 31 May 2017


R. Reulke, I. Sebastian, C. Williges, and R. Hohn

Keywords: PSF measurement, MTF evaluation, CCD, FPA, Sentinel-4

Abstract. The Institute for Optical Sensor Systems was involved in many international space projects in recent years. These include, for example, the fokal plane array (FPA) of the hyperspectral sensors ENMAP or Sentinel-4, but also the FPA for the high resolution FPA for Kompsat-3. An important requirement of the customer is the measurement of the detector MTF for different wavelengths. A measuring station under clean room conditions and evaluation algorithms was developed for these measurements. The measurement setup consist of a collimator with slit target in focus for illumination at infinity, a gimbal mounted detector facing an auxiliary lens in front, a halogen lamp with monochromator or filter, as well as optical and electrical ground support equipment. Different targets and therefore also different measurement and data evaluation opportunities are possible with this setup. Examples are slit, edge, pin hole but also a Siemens star. The article describes the measurement setup, the different measuring and evaluation procedures and exemplary results for Sentinel-4 detector.