The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-2/W17
29 Nov 2019
 | 29 Nov 2019


C. Palestini and A. Basso

Keywords: Virtual Survey, Low Cost, Photogrammetry, 3d model, Heritage Interpretation

Abstract. Thanks to the development of new Cuda technologies applied to graphics cards and to a more accessible and growing use by professionals in various commercial, artistic and research sectors, the latest generation digital instruments have implemented new methods of photogrammetric surveying and remote sensing, progressively reducing the cost of the instruments and that related to the application development of the different SfM algorithms, now widely used also in numerous open source software. The research presented in the article compares two of the most recently used free programs with the most satisfactory results in the field of 3D photogrammetric survey and photomodelling: Meshroom, developed by AliceVision and Regard3D, an open source software, compiled in 2015 by the Swiss IT engineer freelance Roman Hiestand. The test case study will concern the photo-modelling, through the free tools previously discussed, of medium size complex decorative details, one of the monumental gates of the ancient Roman city of Sepino, an archaeological site in Molise (IT) located at the foot of the Matese and extending over the Tammaro valley, so as to be able to fully test the capture characteristics and the trend and structure of the pipeline of the two software examined.