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18 Aug 2017
 | 18 Aug 2017

Application of Integration of HBIM and VR Technology to 3D Immersive Digital Management—Take Han Type Traditional Architecture as an Example

Y.-C. Lin

Keywords: HBIM, VR, immersive, Han type traditional architecture

Abstract. HBIM technology makes great contributions to 3D digital preservation and management of the existing traditional architectures, and VR technology has also been gradually emphasized by 3D users in recent years, especially 3D immersive situation makes users more likely to experience the real space field. Taking Han type traditional architecture with relatively complex geometrical structure as an example, this research carries out digital preservation through HBIM technology and tries to switch to VR platform to allow users to enter 3D immersive scene for management and display. It is shown in the research results that the application of integration of HBIM and VR technology to Han type traditional architecture needs to consider 3D digital model of the architecture, and the number of polygon shall be controlled below about 2 million, which can make the operation in VR environment more smooth; the integration of two technologies can achieve the purpose of 3D immersive digital management, which can provide the humanized application close to the real experience for the display of subsequent management of ancient relics and architectural aesthetics.