The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
08 Feb 2020
 | 08 Feb 2020


P. G. Cheng, A. L. He, Y. J. Nie, J. Wu, X. L. Li, and Z. R. Li

Keywords: 3D city, Non-fine model, Parametric modelling, Rapid batch Modelling, Model conversion plug-in

Abstract. For the current 3D city modelling, the use of computer programs for batch modelling of non-fine models can only ensure the building height information, and cannot effectively use the attribute information of 2D data; and the manual modelling method for the road ancillary facilities has the disadvantages of modelling and placement of streetlamps, low efficiency, and inaccurate positions, a 3D modelling method based on parametric modelling technology and 3DMax modelling technology to realize batch modelling of non-fine buildings and urban streetlamps was proposed. Firstly, the spatial and attribute information of two-dimensional surveying data is used as basic data; then, through the geometric functions provided by CityEngine, combined with the characteristics of the main building and roof structure of the village in the city, the functions of generating the building structure is constructed, and the batch-based automatic modelling is compiled. The program uses the bottom attribute information to control the structure and texture of the model. . The external model was introduced through geometric function, use the attribute information and the adjacent angle of the road centerline to control the style, size and direction of the streetlamp, realize the batch automatic construction at the streetlamp coordinate point. Finally, the Python language bulk export model plug-in and a MaxScript script bulk import model plugin are compiled to improve work efficiency and model compatibility. Through experiments and performance analysis, it is shown that the method can guarantee the rapid establishment of 3D models of buildings and streetlamps, and the structure and texture are vivid. It is well compatible with 3DMax and can be directly modified and format converted.