The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
08 Feb 2020
 | 08 Feb 2020


Y. P. Hua, G. W. Lan, and Y. L. Du

Keywords: Electric Power Distribution Network (EPDN), Multi-Scale, Spatial Modelling, Graphic Data, Attribute Data

Abstract. The research proposes a multi-scale spatial data model of electric power distribution networks (EPDNs) to address the problem that the single-scale EPDN data cannot meet the needs of data representation and spatial analysis of multiple levels of detail (LODs). This study comprehensively analyses the equipment used in the EPDN, summarizes the detailed information of EPDN elements and constructs a reasonable EPDN structure system. Based on the analysis of a large number of use cases in the operation and maintenance field of EPDN, this research identifies the elements of the graphic data and attribute data relating to the EPDN. According to the needs of different users and different application modes of EPDN data in multi-scale data representation, the EPDN data models are divided into four LODs, and the simplification principle of constructing different LODs is put forward and the elements contained in each LOD are carefully modelled. This study divides the EPDN elements information into graphic attribute and functional attribute, and then the attribute information of the EPDN data models in different LODs is described in detail. In addition, the EPDN data of Yan Shan campus of Guilin University of Technology is modelled with the proposed method, which has achieved good visualization results.