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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
07 Feb 2020
 | 07 Feb 2020


D. Huang, Y. Zhang, and W. Q. Yu

Keywords: Bayesian classification, marine oil spill, cross-validation, Naive Bayesian, oil spill source determination

Abstract. Oil spills over the sea resulted in the destruction of the marine environment. Therefore, the Bayesian algorithm was developed to determine the source of spilled oil for reducing the damage to the marine environment. Based on the flow data of the offshore waters of the Bohai Sea, the influencing factors of oil spill drift were used for algorithm. The main factors affecting the traceability of marine oil spills are considered: the distance from the oil point to the source point, the flow direction of water, the type of the spilled oil source, and the scale of the source. The algorithm is completed on the basis of a feasible simulation database. We not consider the relationship between the attributes by naive Bayesian classification. In this paper, we determine the result by the minimum error rates of each source. Then the performance evaluation of the model was done by cross-validation method. The experimental result shows that the Bayesian algorithm can be used to determine the source of spilled oil. It is easier and faster to determine the source by the method raised.